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You might have tried advertising on your own and even gotten stung by "agencies" in the past. It's time for some cost-effective help with hiring.


  • How we headhunt and screen the best talent for your teams
  • How we guarantee results for every job we work on from as little as €3600 / £3400 per hire
  • Free insights on the state of your business, our investor readiness test and preparing for your next biggest challenge e.g. fundraising, customer development...


We're a startup helping other startups.

We think and operate "Lean" so get ready for a fresh approach :)

We're helping >300 startups build their teams across 6 continents. We'd love to hear about your next big challenge.

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"The team at Funded was responsive, collaborative, and hugely helpful in aiding our search for high-performing candidates for our growing brand strategy team. Nannapat asked smart questions and pushed to get a well-rounded feel not only of the job requirements but also of the culture. This meant that when I met vetted candidates I knew they were primed with an understanding of the opportunity and the type of team and culture they would be joining at Sasha. We welcomed two excellent candidates to our team thanks to the funded team's support."

Katie, SVP, Brand Strategy & Branding at The Sasha Group



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