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"Funded.club was absolutely an integral piece of our process to find-test-hire people for our company lately. This not only saved us quite literally multiple months of work in pre-screenings, but also efficient in finding candidates that we basically removed the need for a recruitment team altogether. this allowed us to focus resources on more critical things that every company should be doing, like building the product!"


Jiří Třečák


"Funded.club has been instrumental in streamlining our recruitment process. Their expert team has saved us countless hours and their recruiters do a fantastic job at filtering out candidates and bringing us the best talent. We highly recommend partnering with Funded.club."

Amanda AxleEight

Amanda Tegtmeyer

President, Axle Eight

"As an early stage, growing business, we need an executive recruiting partner that is both affordable and professional. The team at Funded.club was highly responsive and delivered on their promise of great candidates. I have now utilized them twice and plan on going back as we continue to staff up!"

Steve Wasik circle

Steve Wasik


"We were struggling to find the right person for our senior dev role and so got in touch with Funded.Club. They quickly found candidates that fitted with our requirements and culture and we were able to fill the position. Thanks to Emma for your effort which saved us lots of time and cost."

Tony Stanley mSupply Testimonials draft image for funded-club-1_1

Tony Stanley


"At Tesseract.io we are constantly looking for talents to join our ever-growing team. The Funded.Club team has helped tremendously in our hiring process. In addition to the responsiveness, they provide weekly summaries throughout the hiring progress. Candidates presented were pre-screened and of good quality. Candidates start streaming in very quickly after our kick-off meeting, usually within the same week. They've helped us with multiple technical positions that we previously struggled to fill. We will definitely use them for future hires. "

Colin Lee Tessearct Testimonial FundedClub-1-1-1_1

Colin Lee


"We worked with Bulent and Funded.club to successfully recruit a Senior Software Engineer. Bulent advised us on the brief, provided valuable insights on salary ranges and then worked diligently to provide us with an excellent shortlist of candidates. Bulent is a great communicator and provided straightforward advice which helped us rapidly conclude our search confident we had the best candidate in the market for our brief."

Julian Thorne circle-1_1

Julian Thorne


"Working with Funded.club has been a wonderful experience. The staff is highly experienced, saved us tons of time and are results driven. All of it is a fraction of traditional recruitment agency costs. Highly recommended for fast-growing startups and scale-ups!"


Johannnes Koeppel


"We keep coming back to Funded.club over and over again, they are affordable yet efficient and have adjusted to our hiring needs regularly!"

Andre Divigas 1677743591359

Andre Lorenceau

CEO & Founder, Divigas

We support > 300 startup and scale-up teams from San Francisco to Sydney. Including... :)

How It Works

  1. 01_recruitersWe book a 40-minute kick-off call with our expert recruiters to learn how we should pitch your business and the ideal candidate profiles you are looking for.
  1. 02_candidates_shortlistWe start headhunting and screening hundreds of candidates > we share the first qualified candidates in 7 days and a shortlist in 14 days.
  1. 03_interview_recruiterWe schedule your interviews with the shortlisted candidates and manage the project all the way to a successful hire (average time 33 days from kick-off call to accepted offer).

A Better Way to Recruit Your A-players

  • Pay low fixed fees starting at USD 4500 / €3900 / £3600 per hire (not a % of candidate salaries)
  • Get headhunted candidates for senior, niche and tough-to-fill roles where job ads and agencies have failed to deliver
  • Save >70% cost-per-hire compared with traditional recruitment agencies. 


Job titles we have filled:

Tech roles word cloud blue for website 100-1
Non-tech word cloud for website 100

Straight-forward pricing


(Hiring Success Plan)

(Global Hiring; Any Function)

(Executive Search)

Facilitated planning session with a senior recruiting specialist For non-executive hires and salaries less than $180,000 For co-founders, C-Suite, salaries exceeding $180,000, and special searches
  • Tailored talent acquisition plan
  • Gap assessment
  • Sourcing tactics
  • Salary benchmarks
  • Skills mapping
  • 60-90 minute session
  • Full stack hiring solution
  • End-to-end support
  • 60 day search commitment
  • Dedicated recruiter
  • Full stack hiring solution
  • End-to-end support
  • 90 day search commitment
  • Dedicated recruiter(s)
  • Leadership oversight and insights
  • Additional customization
One-time fee Fixed-fees per hire* Fixed-fee per hire*

(This fee can be deducted from a Unicorn project ordered within 90 days)

Book your session here

$4,500 (up to $80,000 expected salary)
$6,900 (up to $110,000 expected salary)
$9,900 (up to $180,000 expected salary)


* Traditional recruitment agencies charge 20-35% of a new hire's annual salary.

* Specific pricing also available in EUR and GBP

Why We're Different

We charge low fixed fees from $4500 / €3900 / £3600* per hire - we reduce cost-per-hire by >70%

​Our startup recruiters think and operate like founders and not like agency staff.

We headhunt and screen candidates that work well in a startup culture of rapid growth in a fast-changing environment

​​Enjoy transparent pricing - no monthly fees; no subscriptions; no long-term contracts; no hidden costs

We help you build and protect your employer brand

We help you understand your ROI with weekly updates and stats

Our clients become GDPR-compliant immediately while using our tools (don't underestimate this!)

Join a club of founders with growing resources, advice and a network of valuable contacts

If, like us, you believe in rainbows, unicorns,

10x developers, and hungry sales hackers come and join our club!

Book a call to receive free growth and hiring tips from startup recruiters with decades of experience.

Startup Recruiting Challenges

"As an entrepreneur, you have a gazillion things to worry about every day - from navigating these uncertain times to developing your product into a scaleable solution and nailing your perfect growth channels. You know that recruiting for your startup is critical to your success, but it’s also time-consuming and expensive.

You've placed ads on job boards only to receive many off-target applications. You may have also tried hiring through an agency and had to hide the bill from your investors. You feel your time and your hard-won money should be better spent... and you're right!

Work with the best startup recruiters and experts at Funded.club

Our platform combines the best tools in the world with the best startup recruiters in each time zone. We are a "club" of founders that have "funded" their ventures through investments or revenues and need to grow their teams efficiently.

We have grown with our customers over the past 5 years and now have solutions for pay-as-you-go recruiting projects and also embedded recruitment under a subscription model. Such Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) arrangements are common for big corporations, and we've found a lean way to make headhunting for startups affordable and realistic.

​Let's talk about how we can help you get back to growing your business!"

Ray Gibson, CEO & Founder
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