We've helped >400 startups build their teams and we have even greater plans for the future! We're growing our team of like-minded professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset.

We expect total commitment to winning and delivering projects and nothing more. You work from anywhere in the world serving customers in your time zone. We will not track your time - no fixed hours, unlimited vacation time.

Get attractive project commissions with guaranteed earnings. Enjoy equal rewards, globally - our fixed-fee, global pricing plan also allow us to pay our team equally no matter where they live in the world today.

We're also a diverse team with a fair and transparent culture.

Come and help us build on our success!

Senior Recruiters


If you're able to headhunt the best technical and/or commercial talent in your time zone, you have a great future at Funded.club. 

  • Fully retained, exclusive projects.
  • Direct communication with founders / hiring managers.
  • Receive advances on all your searches and attractive success fees.
  • We use Greenhouse and magic tools to support your headhunting and screening.

How we hire:

  • We expect experienced recruiters to submit a non-generic cover letter with their application and we see this as evidence of their ability to sell themselves and therefore the ability to sell our customers' opportunities.
  • You will have a first phone call with our Global Director of Recruiting and Delivery where we share our way of working and get to know your strengths as a recruiter as well as the sources and channels you are using to find great candidates. We're also listening for your communication skills - can you hold your own in a kick-off call with a founder?
  • Our second step is a short written test to check your messaging style and ability to convert candidate contacts into screening calls.
  • Finally, you may have the last call with our CEO before receiving a written agreement on recruiter rewards and a standard NDA.
  • Since we only hire experienced recruiters, our onboarding in weeks 1 and 2 focus on getting the most value from our recruiting tech stack; keeping our promises to customers, and how to make sure we deliver results for each and every search.
  • Our team on Slack can't wait to meet you!

Sales and Account Managers


Can you find and close great startup customers while staying more human and consultative than Alec's character in this movie?

  • Drive innovation for some of the best startups on the planet.
  • Consult passionate founders on their growth plans and dreams
  • Uncapped commissions with guaranteed earnings.

How we hire:

  • We expect salespeople to submit a compelling cover letter with their application, or a video pitch if they prefer!
  • You will have a first call with our CEO directly. In this call, we will be sharing our vision, our ideal customer profile and checking alignment with our startup community in terms of communication style, interests and contacts.
  • The second step is a trial pitch session. We will share our sales guide, allow 48 hours to prepare and ask you to pitch Funded.club back to us in a roleplay lasting 20-30 minutes. We will also go through all questions you may have about our approach, team, tools, training, goals etc. 
  • We usually move quickly :) You will receive an offer, agreement and start onboarding within 24 hours of the trial pitch.



“I'm proud to be part of a team where authenticity and collaboration are not only highly valued but lived.  It's a team where we have the support of each other regardless of where we are located.  The role at Funded.club has allowed me to choose the hours I work and choose the location as well, allowing me more flexibility in my career than ever before.  From working on roles in the metaverse, blockchain and the cloud, the roles you recruit for are varied and interesting and you get to work closely with Founders and C-level executives from around the world.”


Emma Reavell

Senior Recruiter, APAC

"As a recruiter on the North American team, my experience has been positive and rewarding, in large part because the work environment is professional, collaborative, and supportive. Furthermore, Funded.club's unique business model is well suited to meet the challenges produced by the current rapidly evolving talent-sourcing environment. Going forward, I look forward to being a part of the team as funded.club builds on success, expanding services, and extending its reach into new markets."

John Lundell-1

John Lundell

Senior Recruiter, Americas

“I've had the opportunity to connect with founders of fast-growing startups globally and to learn about the problems they are solving, their growth and their funding plans. I love Funded.club's flexible working arrangements so I can manage my own schedule. The company has well-established systems, a marketing team to support the entire sales process. and I enjoy continuous support/coaching from the Founder/CEO and my Regional Lead in Singapore.”

Teo Gek Khim-1

Teo Gek Khim

Senior Sales Manager, APAC

“It's been amazing working with Funded.club, I have been receiving a lot of support and learned many things since I first joined them. The management really put a lot of effort to make everything go smoothly and conveniently especially with systems and tools for reccruiting. I have seen the growth of the team with my own eyes. Let's keep going and keep growing.” 

Jun Zhe Lee-1

Jun Zhe Lee

Senior Recruiter, APAC

Our diverse team in every time
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