Team Culture

Team Culture

We have evolved into self-organizing teams with a modern, "Teal" work culture as described in "Reinventing Organizations" by Frederic Laloux. Good ideas emerge and grow from any part of the team. Decisions are made following an efficient and respectful "advice process". We encourage our team members to plan their own work schedules around family time and their life passions - not the other way around - and to seek meaning in all that they do.

Sustainability Goal

Sustainability Goal

In a fast-changing world of compounding crises, is actively working towards supporting a customer base comprising at least 50% social businesses, sustainability solutions and good causes. We aim to bring the best possible talent to these organizations to help them grow efficiently and increase their positive impact on our collective future.

Customer oversight

Customer oversight

We work in full view of our customers by logging them into our backend recruiting tools as Hiring Managers. Our customers see their projects build towards success and while they're updated regularly by our team, they can also lean over our shoulders any time they like :)

Equal rewards, globally

Equal rewards, globally

Our fixed-fee, global pricing standards also allow us to pay our team the exact same rewards no matter where they live in the world today. If our team and culture sounds exciting to you... join us!

Our diverse team and customer base in every time
zone and on 6 continents

Americas team

Ivan Diaz

Senior Business Partner

John Lundell

Lead Recruiter, Americas

Erika Whitworth

Senior Recruiter, Americas

Sonya Mead

Senior Recruiter, Americas

Kae Penner

Senior Recruiter, Americas

DeLeon Mitts

Senior Recruiter, Americas

Jonathan Leighton

Senior Recruiter, Americas

Quentin Doerges

Growth Consultant & Sales, Americas

David Cochran

Digital Marketing Lead

Mitchell Fedders

Startup Ambassador, Americas

EMEA team

Megan Rose

Senior Business Partner

Eylem Atilgan

Lead Recruiter, EMEA

Lucy Mackenzie

Senior Sales Manager, UK / EMEA

Yomna Madi

Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Bulent Buyuksayar

Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Dicle Çetinkaya

Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Oday Wafa

Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Jason Fashanu

Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Agniezska Krupa

Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Chris O'Grady

Senior Recruiter, EMEA

Jack Wilkinson

Startup Ambassador, EMEA

APAC team

Teo Gek Khim

Senior Sales Manager, APAC

Angeline Roguel

Lead Recruiter, APAC

Jun Zhe Lee

Senior Recruiter, APAC

Jem Angulo

Senior Recruiter, ​APAC / Europe

Kapil Manchanda

Senior Recruiter, ​APAC

Global Strategy Team

Jyl McLaughlin

VP of Recruiting Operations

Neel Anil Mehta

Chief Financial Officer

Ray Gibson

Founder & CEO

We're a "club" of founders that have "funded" their ventures through investments or revenues and need to grow their teams efficiently.

We're a diverse team with varied backgrounds from all around the world. Our recruiters have specific knowledge and experience in their own time zones. They're all top headhunters and startup recruiters in their chosen markets.  

As a startup helping other startups hire more efficiently, we value results over time sheets. We're driving innovation one hire at a time and share an entrepreneurial mindset with our customers.

While we grow and onboard more great people, we will retain the open and transparent approach to our projects and relationships that have helped us win repeat business around the world. 

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