Our Startup DNA

As entrepreneurs with our own stories of success and failures, we operate, iterate and grow as a startup ourselves. Think "Lean" recruiting.

We've recruited for the most innovative startup and scale-up teams across North America, Europe and APAC since 2019... for teams that are swinging for the fences and changing the world.

We know how to search and screen candidates for startup fit.

It's in our genes.

A Perfect Fit

We match each new customer with a Senior Recruiter with years of experience in the same industry and local market.
We do not use offshore resources to deliver our projects.
Here are some example members from our team for each region:

Kae Penner

Senior Recruiter - US

Kae (from Raleigh, NC) is an accomplished recruiter in Startups, EdTech and Technology, excelling in recruiting top-tier talent for industry leaders like Turnitin, Esme Learning, and IXL Learning. Proven success spans C-suite to coordinator roles across diverse departments.

Eylem Atilgan

Senior Recruiter - Europe

Eylem (living in Oxford, UK), a seasoned Recruitment expert with a decade's experience, specializes in European technical and executive roles. Armed with a Master's in HR Management, she excels in transformative recruitment strategies across diverse industries.

Kapil Kumar

Senior Recruiter - APAC

Kapil (based in Auckland, NZ) has 10 years of experience in HR and Recruiting from multiple countries across APAC including India (Tata), Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

We've supported >400 startups and scale-ups from San Francisco to Sydney:

What you’ll get from us

Up to 12 Growth hires over 12 months

Dedicated local recruiter(s) with our full tool kit and resources (Linkedin, job boards, full ATS, magic headhunting tools)

End-to-end process with job promotion, headhunting, screening, interview scheduling, job offers and onboarding.

Free access to our ATS with 150k candidates

20% discount off Unicorn hires

Guaranteed project delivery with 30-day money back guarantee

Access to Funded.club insights, data and knowledge base

Low monthly fees of $5,600 / €5,250 / £4,550 per month
(when paid annually)


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