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Board Member & Strategy Consultant, Locally

Billy McKee

Main objectives

  • Help Locally save valuable time by reviewing hundreds of job applicants to ensure they meet the qualifications
  • Refine job requirements during each search in close collaboration with the hiring managers
  • Run confidential searches where needed - rely solely on candidate sourcing with no job advertising

The challenge

Locally's leadership team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs that know how to work "lean" and build-measure-learn their way to exceptional results.

A key challenge in hiring with Locally was iterating on the job requirements for each search week by week as we sourced, screened and presented candidates. Our weekly calls were invaluable in staying in sync and working towards suitable candidate shortlists efficiently. 

On order to fit with Locally's culture and high performance expectations, headhunted candidates had to have lived through their own growth journeys. We were searching for candidates with strong track records who would bring specific learnings to the team that would make the business even more effective.

All in all, we also needed to ensure we were helping the business deliver on its growth potential by building a world-class team with local impact for its customers.


The Solution

Collaborating closely with the management team, Funded.club's dedicated recruiter led each search through a proven process to success every time.

  • Kick-off calls for each candidate search with the key decision makers at Locally. Such detailed conversations and preparation were critical to deciding the tactics for each hire including sourcing channels, locations, screening process, salaries etc.

  • Advance payment: We sent an invoice for a small advance against the fixed project fee before starting each search. This payment validated our Exclusivity for each search and ensured the customer had some "skin in the game".
  • Headhunting and job promotion: With a dedicated recruiter for each specific search, we got to work on headhunting specific candidates through outbound messaging and calls. We used a mix of different channels for our candidate research (not just Linkedin!) and some magic tools to get a candidate's attention.

  • Candidate screening: After pitching a candidate on an opportunity, our recruiters moved through their screening process with qualifying questions and used scorecards to decide on a shortlist of candidates for each role. 

  • First candidates in 7 days: We presented a number of qualified candidates for quick feedback and iteration on the search.

  • Shortlist of candidates in 14 days: 3-5 candidates per search were shortlisted with all our screening notes and recommendations.  

  • Interview scheduling: We scheduled and coordinated all interviews to ensure a smooth process.

  • Weekly calls and reports: 20-min calls were booked each week to ensure we stay in sync with Locally and keep the process moving forward. Every search also generated a weekly report by email on a Friday to ensure all stakeholders were kept in the loop.
  • Final selection, offer and negotiations: We helped Locally negotiate fair offers and conditions for each specific hire.


All hiring managers were able to track the progress of their search in our free Applicant Tracking System (ATS) at any time, being able to see all notes and recommendations on all candidates - not just those on the shortlist. Such transparency helped in rapid decision and prevented FOMO in the recruiting process :)

Each project was "owned" by an experienced recruiter with the same local and industry knowledge. This dedicated recruiter interviewed all candidates and also kept the hiring manager updated. Such close project management by a single person allowed us to calibrate the search between the hiring manager's expectations and the candidate market. Each project was also overseen by our VP of Recruiting to keep project timelines on track and to act as a backup for the dedicated recruiter.

The Result

Locally hired and onboarded x3 VP-level professionals between Finance, Marketing and Business Development, plus a niche Enterprise AE role and x2 tech hires.

We helped Locally negotiate salaries in multiple locations for these roles and to source candidates with a proven track record of getting results.

Locally paid a low fixed fee per search, committed to Exclusivity on a job-by-job basis under Funded.club's standard terms and also earned a discount for buying a "job pack" of 3 projects part way through our hiring plan.

This approach allowed Locally's team to hire the best talent in the world while also saving $215k in recruiting costs compared with traditional recruitment agencies charging 25% of annual salary.

Job titles filled:

Data Scientist (26 days)
Enterprise Account Executive (63 days)
Sr. Front-End Engineer (23 days)
VP of Finance (29 days)
VP of Marketing (43 days)
VP of Retail Business Development (31 days)



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Let's talk about scaling your own teams:

How Funded.club Can Help You

  • Determine and define project scope and objectives
  • Predict resources needed to reach objectives and manage resources in an effective and efficient manner
  • Prepare budget based on scope of work and resource requirements
  • Track project costs in order to meet budget
  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan
  • Provide project updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress
Ray Gibson, CEO & Founder
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We support > 300 startup and scale-up teams from San Francisco to Sydney. Including... :)


"Funded.club was absolutely an integral piece of our process to find-test-hire people for our company lately. This not only saved us quite literally munltiple months of work in pre-screenings, but also efficient in finding candidates that we basically removed the need for a recruitment team altogether. this allowed us to focus resources on more critical things that every company should be doing, like building the product!"


Jiří Třečák


"Working with Funded.club has been a wonderful experience. The staff is highly experienced, saved us tons of time and are results driven. All of it is a fraction of traditional recruitment agency costs. Highly recommended for fast-growing startups and scale-ups!"


Johannnes Koeppel


"We were struggling to find the right person for our senior dev role and so got in touch with Funded.Club. They quickly found candidates that fitted with our requirements and culture and we were able to fill the position. Thanks to Emma for your effort which saved us lots of time and cost."

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Tony Stanley


"At Tesseract.io we are constantly looking for talents to join our ever-growing team. The Funded.Club team has helped tremendously in our hiring process. In addition to the responsiveness, they provide weekly summaries throughout the hiring progress. Candidates presented were pre-screened and of good quality. Candidates start streaming in very quickly after our kick-off meeting, usually within the same week. They've helped us with multiple technical positions that we previously struggled to fill. We will definitely use them for future hires. "

Colin Lee Tessearct Testimonial FundedClub-1-1

Colin Lee


"We worked with Bulent and Funded.club to successfully recruit a Senior Software Engineer. Bulent advised us on the brief, provided valuable insights on salary ranges and then worked diligently to provide us with an excellent shortlist of candidates. Bulent is a great communicator and provided straightforward advice which helped us rapidly conclude our search confident we had the best candidate in the market for our brief."

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Julian Thorne


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