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I’d like to introduce you to Funded.club who have a unique approach to headhunting for startups on low fixed fees.


About Funded.club

After 20 years in recruiting and 5 years in startups, Ray Gibson set up Funded.club to help other founders grow their teams without paying huge agency fees or having to expand their own HR and recruiting staff. 

They work closely with startup teams as a dedicated, outsourced recruiting service (this helps us keep prices very low) to bring top developers, designers, sales, marketing and executive talent to your team, efficiently.

They charge low fixed fees per hire from $4500 / €3900 / £3600 per hire.


Link to sales presentations: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16M3QPZBS1bAI1YU0NebGZKROosFXetI_?usp=sharing



Funded.club helps startups across 6 continents build their teams more efficiently. We headhunt developers, product owners, sales, marketing, operations and support staff for permanent roles from $3900 per hire... with guaranteed results.

sasha vayner group

"The team at Funded was responsive, collaborative, and hugely helpful in aiding our search for high-performing candidates for our growing brand strategy team. Nannapat asked smart questions and pushed to get a well-rounded feel not only of the job requirements but also of the culture. This meant that when I met vetted candidates I knew they were primed with an understanding of the opportunity and the type of team and culture they would be joining at Sasha. We welcomed two excellent candidates to our team thanks to the funded team's support."

Katie, SVP, Brand Strategy & Branding at The Sasha Group



Funded.club is registered in the Netherlands and serves clients around the world with a strong focus on North America, EMEA and APAC through its distributed team of recruiters and coaches.

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