Quick links to our most-used tools

Sales Guide and Recruiting Magic - our big guide doc on how we work together and descriptions of most processes at Funded.club. Use keyword search to find things easily in this Google doc.

Gmail and Google Calendar - login if you already have an account. Joan and Jyl will send instructions to your private email address. We use Google Calendar for all Funded.club events from customer calls to candidate interviews and weekly check-in calls with customers

Slack.com - where we communnicate most as a team

Google Drive for Recruiters - where we save shared information (not resumes!)

Google Drive for Sales

Greenhouse.io - our full ATS for all candidate data and all recruiting projects

Kick-off form template - for sales to pre-fill before a kick-off call with a new customer

Typeform - for requesting new customer invoices

Sourcewhale.com - direct sourcing tool for both recruiting and sales. Log in with your Funded.club or .jobs email address

Warmbox.ai - use our team account to add your email box ray@funded.club with password "Maxiking99" 

Linkedin.com - our Funded.club company page

Calendly - set up a free account to book candidate calls easily

Wisestamp - create free email signatures

Managed Service Jobs list - all the jobs from our headhunting projects


Help on specific subjects...

"I need to get paid!"  - send your invoice to finance@funded.club and Neel Mehta will process in our next payment run as long as the customer has already paid us. More information on how to get paid.

"I want to check if our customer paid us" - check the "customer receipts" channel in Slack for recent entries or check this payments dashboard

"My email account is locked"  - ask joan@funded.club or ray@funded.club to unlock this or write to "jciru" or "Ray Gibson" in Slack.

"Is my Greenhouse job live?" - check for live Greenhouse jobs here: https://www.funded.club/startupjobs



For anything else:

Sales: Slack or email to mary@ or melinda@ or lucy@ or khim@ or leo@funded.club

Recruiting: Slack to Jyl McLaughlin or jyl@funded.club

Finance: Neel Mehta in Slack or finance@funded.club

Operations and strategy: Slack to Ray Gibson or ray@funded.club 

Refer a new customer to Funded.club

Send the new contact this email text and CC your closest salesperson. You will be rewarded when the customer starts paying us! $$$ €€€ :)


"SUBJECT: Intro to Funded.club

Hi First Name,

I believe you could be hiring more efficiently with Funded.club so I'm making this quick introduction so you can explore further and decide for yourself!

About Funded.club

After 20 years in recruiting and 5 years in startups, Ray Gibson set up Funded.club to help other founders grow their teams without paying huge agency fees or having to expand their own HR and recruiting staff. 

We work closely with startup teams as a dedicated, outsourced recruiting service (this helps us keep prices very low) to bring top developers, designers, sales, marketing and support talent to the team, efficiently. We charge fixed fees from €3600 / US$3900 / USDT 3900 per hire, irrespective of the salary offered to a candidate or how long it takes to fill a position. 

Let’s book a call to speak in the coming days!

Senders First name"


Branding assets for download:

FundedClub Primary logo-1
Primary logo black 2022
Sign icon logo-1
Primary sign black 2022


Funded.club is registered in the Netherlands and serves clients around the world with a strong focus on North America, EMEA and APAC through its distributed team of recruiters and coaches.

Registered office: