Our simple business terms for recruiting help us keep our fixed fees low.

Paying our invoices for recruiting services means you acknowledge and accept these terms. No other signed agreement is required.

Europe pricing

  • STANDARD HIRE: EUR 3600 (for positions paying up to EUR 64k total expected compensation)
  • SENIOR HIRE: EUR 5200 (for positions paying EUR 65-89k total expected compensation)
  • PREMIUM HIRE: EUR 7400 (for positions paying more than EUR 90k total expected compensation)
  • PREMIUM+ HIRE: EUR 14000 (for Co-founders, C-level executives and/or positions paying more than EUR 145k total expected compensation)
  • Prices are fixed pre-search and will not be adjusted unless agreed by both parties in writing.


  • EUR 1250 advance per STANDARD search
  • EUR 1500 advance per SENIOR search
  • EUR 2500 advance per PREMIUM search
  • EUR 4000 advance per PREMIUM+ search

Terms and Guarantees:

  • In case a candidate fails to start work we will provide a replacement candidate hire free of charge.
  • In case we fail to share a shortlist of at least 3 qualified candidates within 30 days of project launch, you may claim your advance back in full (provided the project has not been cancelled).
  • In case a candidate does not complete a 45 day probation period, the parties may agree to provide a replacement hire for a low fee equal to the original advance paid for the role.
  • IMPORTANT: We keep our fees low by working efficiently with no wasted effort and we expect the same from our customers. A project that is put on hold for more than 14 days or a project that has no active progress towards a hire with constructive feedback over the same period may be declared cancelled by Funded.club.
  • Exclusivity is evidenced by paying an advance for each project. Funded.club should not be competing with other partners or the customer’s own team to fill a role. A project may be canceled if exclusivity is not respected.
  • Advances are non-refundable for projects cancelled by either party.
  • A hire is successful whenever a candidate processed as part of the service accepts any job offer for full-time, part-time or freelance work. Success fees are invoiced upon the candidate accepting the job offer (not on start date) and are due upon receipt.
  • Extended searches: If a project reaches 60 days without a hire while Funded.club has already provided a shortlist of at least 3 qualified and customer-interviewed candidates, a top-up fee may be charged to continue the project. The top-up fee will be equal to the original project advance.
  • Interest at the current Mastercard rate will be applied to any unpaid success-fee invoices after 7 days and until payment is received.
  • Payment of an advance means acceptance of these terms.

Our full-service recruiting process:

  • We set up funded.club to help startups grow their teams without paying huge agency fees. We charge fixed fees from USD 3900 / EUR 3600 per hire* and already serve >250 startup customers from San Francisco to Sydney.
  • After a structured kick-off/briefing call with the hiring manager for each role, we bill you for the advance payment to cover each search.
  • Once we receive the advance payment we go live with the search and start an intensive headhunting project from a wide range of sources using our full team, resources and magic tools - not just Linkedin.
  • We also promote your jobs using our tech stack with specific targeting to attract the right caliber of candidates.
  • You will see a first range of candidates within 7 days and a shortlist of the best 3-5 candidates in approximately 14 days. Some very tough searches can take longer and we will always keep you updated on progress in our weekly check-in calls and written updates.
  • We recommend you forward any applicants you receive to our recruiter for review so we can create a professional and consistent screening funnel for you.
  • All candidates go through careful phone screenings with our team. We analyze their hard skills; experience; cultural fit for a growing startup; energy; reasons for changing jobs; salary expectations; availability…
  • We keep detailed candidate notes in scorecards that you can review at any time in our chosen Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - Greenhouse.
  • We help you manage these candidates through your own selection process all the way to offer acceptance and celebration.
  • In short, we have a full headhunting service on a bootstrapped budget as if we were sat in your office with you. We keep going until a successful conclusion to each project.

Last updated 01 Jan 2023:

Contact finance@funded.club to clarify these terms at any time.